Mission & Values

Mission Statement

North Atlanta exists to Love First, inspiring and equipping people to give themselves fully to God.

Our Values

What will you see, hear, and experience when you come to this church?

Jesus is Lord.

You will hear a consistent message that Jesus is right about everything. Whether we are trying to understand what He says, or are struggling to live out the implications of His life and teachings, you will see and hear that He is above all and we trust Him.

Love First.

You will see that in everything we do and say, love must come first. We believe our Love First vision for life is rooted in the nature of God. “God is love, and we love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:16, 19) This means that loving God and loving others comes before and above everything else and is the measure of all we do and say.

Come As You Are.

Every person you meet at North Atlanta comes as they are. Not one of us would be here without the unearned love and forgiveness of God. If you feel like you’re already pretty awesome without God, we might not be a great fit. But it you want to see what Jesus is all about and what His life, death, and resurrection could mean to you, we would love to walk that journey with you.

Loving Our Community, Serving Our World.

We believe we are on this planet earth as co-workers with God, building a new humanity where everyone is welcomed, loved, honored and engaged. I’m not sure how this feels when you read it, but we are 100 percent convinced that the church is God’s plan to love and serve the world. We are active in neighborhoods, cities and nations to help people experience their astounding worth and amazing capabilities as people made in the image of God. We exist to inspire and equip people to give themselves fully to God.


DON MCLAUGHLIN / Senior Minister