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How many times have you read the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15? Would you like to read it anew? Then listen to this sermon by minister Don McLaughlin in which he examines the parable and brings enlightening perspectives that will open your eyes to the similar dynamics between the family in the parable and Christians today as we interact with those who are “broken.” Do we understand the plight of the “broken”? Do we have all the answers for their problems? Have we felt the shame and lack of dignity they encounter each day? And, do we – can we – bring a Love First life to them or to those who are the advocates for the broken day-in and day-out?

Have pen and paper at your side as you listen to this sermon. Don offers excellent points of advice on how to use the power of Christ taking form in our lives as we approach those who need the healing that only God can bring.

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