North Atlanta Church of Christ 2018 Theme


“IN.” This one small word is the heart of God’s great big vision for the world and is our ministry theme for 2018. The Apostle Paul states it promisingly, “…God has blessed us in Christ, chosen us in him… you also were included in Christ… In him you were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit (taken from Ephesians 1:3-14).” Each sermon and series will focus on the blessings of being in Christ and how we can experience full and vibrant relationships with God and each other.

InFormation: Keeping Your Focus on God’s Focus
InFormation: What Really Matters
BeAPPtitudes: The Wrap-Up
BeAPPtitudes: Interview with Charles Sharper / We Are the Light II
BeApptitudes: We Are the Light
BeAPPtitudes: Salt of the Earth
BeAPPtitudes: The Primer on Persecution – Part II
BeAPPtitudes: The Primer on Persecution – Part I
BeAPPtitiudes: Peace Be With You