BeAPPtitudes: Peace Be With You

Early in his sermon focused on the sixth Beatitude (“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.”), minister Don McLaughlin reminds listeners that Jesus warned his apostles that they would experience “trouble” in their lives. And further, adds Don, Christians today may not be able to attain the peace that they seek. If that is the case, how are Christians to achieve peace and/or a peaceful state?

Don answers that question by presenting and explaining how to handle difficult people and situations by seeking and crafting either a “negative peace” or a “positive peace.” What these are and how you achieve such states are at the heart of Don’s message. Return to it often as you seek to refresh your understanding of Jesus’ guidance for becoming a “Child of God.”

BeApptitudes: Finding the Mercy Seat

The fifth Beatitude (“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.”) is the focus of this sermon by minister Don McLaughlin. His review of the teachings of Jesus and those of the early Apostles, shows the importance placed on this dimension of each Christian’s life. To clarify further the importance of mercy and its preeminent place in God’s relationship with humans, Don tracks the history of the Jewish Tabernacle and the existence and placement of the “Mercy Seat” within it.

Against this backdrop, listeners are asked to ponder the intertwining of mercy with law and whether our lives are spent in the Mercy Seat OR in a Seat of Judgment. As we review our own thoughts and actions, we may feel uncomfortable. But, Don clearly states how the question should be answered, especially as we learn more about mercy and how it permeates the essence of Jehovah God.

IN: The Meaning of Meekness

In this challenging sermon, minister Don McLaughlin explores the third Beatitude: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Noting the various meanings of the word “meek,” Don presents a Scriptural litany of its use, making it clear that Jesus, the Son of God, exemplified all aspects of meekness. In particular, Don draws attention to the challenge of embracing a spirit of meekness in the middle of life’s most uncomfortable, even harshest, circumstances.

As the sermon is presented, listeners will feel the third Beatitude come to life, moving from the printed page into our hearts and lives.

BeAPPtitudes: The Mourners

Minister Don McLaughlin presents his next sermon focused on the Beatitudes – this time the second: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” This enlightening presentation covers questions such as: What is grief and how long does it last? Does God really understand our grief and why does He allow it? and, How can Christians truly give comfort to those who are grieving? Don’s discussion and answers offer thought-provoking and in-depth perspectives and insights into this statement of Jesus – insights that will enrich and console your life, as well as that of others

BeAPPtitudes: The New Aptitude

How should Christians view the Beatitudes? Are they statements by Jesus of blessings for certain behavior? Are there commands embedded within them? Bottomline, what is the role of the Beatitudes in each Christian’s walk?

Minister Don McLaughlin begins an in-depth sermon series on the Beatitudes to enable a better understanding of these teachings. The goal of the series is to draw listeners’ lives nearer to God or to lead to a realignment in our awareness of the teachings of God. Either outcome may require a new aptitude – a new competence – in living as God desires.

Be sure to listen to this important first sermon that gives strong footing to the series to follow.

IN: Each Christian’s Memorial

In keeping with the observance of this country’s Memorial Day, minister Don McLaughlin turns our attention to each Christians’ memorial – the Lord’s Supper. Through this observance we remember and still “announce” the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Don presents a series of questions for all who partake of the Lord’s Supper. In addition, he asks that we juxtaposition our own experience in partaking of this commemoration with a clear understanding of how God views the experience and what His intentions for it really are. In so doing we will see our lives and our world change as we grow to better understand God’s eternal love for each of us.