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IN: Loving One Another with the Holy Spirit

For the final sermon in his Holy Spirit series, minister Don McLaughlin reminds the audience that Christians love each other because we seek to imitate Christ who first loved us. In John 13 Jesus refers to a “new command” – that we love one another as he loves us. Such love is the most powerful witness for God. Don notes the importance of prayer in developing the LoveFirst mindset. Through the indwelling Holy Spirit our prayers are enhanced, strengthening our ability to become the most effective witness for God.

Also presented is a mid-year update regarding the 2018 vision for the North Atlanta church. Don recounts the journey of love across time and geography. These examples show the power of God’s love exhibited through a Lovefirst church. For further information on the initiatives/activities of the church, please contact us at 770-399-5222.

IN: Conspiring with the Holy Spirit

The roots of the verb “conspire” speak to the process of “breathing together.” Minister Don McLaughlin’s lesson focuses on the need for Christians to join together (breathe) with the indwelling Spirit to more strongly reflect the will and power of God.

Using numerous scriptures found within II Corinthians regarding the role and manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Don provides listeners with both the Biblical foundation and specific steps whereby we can more fully participate in the life and mission of God – to His glory

IN: Waiting for the Spirit

Minister Don McLaughlin states that the process and impatience of “waiting” make it one of life’s most difficult tasks. Like King David in his Psalms, we pray and implore God for His help and intervention; but too often, it seems, we have to wait for His answers.

How do we learn to respectfully wait? Don presents an eye-opening sermon wherein he discusses the benefits of the waiting process. Surprisingly, it is during times of impatience and longing that the Holy Spirit is made manifest and enriches our understanding of God’s supremacy in our lives – to the point that we truly learn to pray “Thy will be done.”

Listen to Don’s sermon and come away with a new understanding and appreciation for how much God through His Spirit is intertwined within our lives to bolster our relationship with Him.

IN: Clarifying the Spirit

In I Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul clarifies misunderstandings about the manifestation of the Holy Spirit within the lives of the early Christians. He clearly articulates his teachings so that the people would not be “ignorant” on the subject. Minister Don McLaughlin echoes Paul’s teachings while making them applicable to Christians today.

After listening to this sermon, the Holy Spirit will no longer be an abstract concept. Rather, recognition of the presence of the Spirit combined with a better understanding of its power and use, strengthens Christians’ walk with God to better reflect His presence.

IN: Inviting the Spirit In

With continued focus on the impact of God’s Holy Spirit in Christians’ lives today, minister Don McLaughlin explores further the promise of the Holy Spirit conveyed by Jesus, and later His apostles. Don presents the ways individuals today can seek this essence of God and incorporate it to its fullest extent. He emphasizes the blessings of the Spirit with special note of the Apostle Paul’s thought that it “can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. . . .”

Don’s lesson is an excellent tutorial for all who desire to better understand this awesome aspect of God and how He dwells and works within us.

IN: Renewing Your Mind

In the continuing IN series, minister Justin Bagwell presents an engaging and challenging message on the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. In particular he discusses the “transformation” of our minds (echoing the New Testament writer’s words to the Romans) and presents other Biblical passages that introduced the Holy Spirit to early Christians, as well as those of the 21st century. Further, he notes challenges that believers may face as they allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.

If you are wondering if the Holy Spirit is for you, the answer is a resounding “yes,” and Justin makes it clear why this is so.

IN: Christ In Us

As we live our lives we almost instinctively look for “more,” notes Minister Don McLaughlin, and he asks listeners to define “more.” Because the answers are so varied, we should not be surprised that God has given us a gift to help us answer the question in a way that glorifies Him most.

This gift from God – the Holy Spirit – can play a pivotal role not just in setting priorities but also in how we live our lives and affect others. Listen to Don’s sermon (the first in a series) and learn more about the Holy Spirit and how to fully integrate it into your walk with God.

IN: Hope Through the Light

In his Easter sermon, minister Don McLaughlin again turns to the words of the Apostle John and his reference to Jesus as the “Light.” What may seem ironic, notes Don, is that Jesus (the Light) became only more of a point of illumination through His Death and Resurrection. Conversely, Don presents several Biblical passages referencing “darkness” and points out that Christians often fail to recognize that God is on the move within darkness. So it is for us to hold tightly and faithfully to the hope of the Light, made so real and ever so powerful through the Resurrection.

IN: You Choose

You are Nicodemus, and you are sitting in the Temple among your 70 peers comprising the Great Sanhedrin Council. Not that long ago you met at night with the man known as “Jesus” to whom you said, “We all know that God has sent you to teach us.” As you sit with the council, the guards of the temple, having been sent to arrest Jesus, return without him. Anger and outrage ensue, and you, Nicodemus, have a choice to make.

What did Nicodemus do? What would each one of us have done? Listen to minister Don McLaughlin’s engaging sermon on the impact of our choices, especially those relating to “this man Jesus,” the Son of God.

IN: Connecting with Jesus thru Conversation

Early in the Gospel of John we read of Jesus conversing with two individuals: the Samaritan woman at the well and Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish Great Sanhedrin. Two different people in need of the same teaching and understanding. In both instances Jesus tells them of the gift of God – the “second birth” or the “living water,” so to speak, that will change their lives for all time.

Minister Don McLaughlin asks listeners “Can you believe it? Can you test it?” He then discusses how our answers to these questions can bring new meaning to our own lives and thus, our walk with God and an eternal home with Him. This is a truly compelling sermon made so in part as the Easter celebration draws near.