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Jesus Next Door: The Impact of Sight

How is your vision? Don McLaughlin’s sermon explores this question, but he doesn’t have the vision of your eyes in mind. So, is there another kind? Listen and learn from Paul’s message to the Ephesians: “Pray that the eyes of your heart will be enlightened.” Could better “heart vision” make us more easily recognized as Christians, especially in the many arenas in which we interact with others? Listen and learn the answers to all these questions. They could change your life.

Jesus Next Door: Drawing Closer

Do you desire to renew your faith and draw closer to God during the weeks leading to the Christmas celebration? If so, Don McLaughlin’s first sermon in the series “Jesus Next Door” provides sound footing to better understand the challenges and blessings of knowing Jesus better and learning to follow His example. As Don notes, at any moment we may be caught between belief or doubt, faith or fear, or love versus hate. Sound familiar? Don’t retreat. Make this a time to know Jesus better.