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Real Church

Real Church

Real Church

Real Church: Confronting Our Sins

God’s view of individuals’ sins differs substantially from the human point of view. Minister Don McLaughlin presents listeners with an in-depth study of this disparity and why it exists. He also helps us understand how “Real Church” Christians can better understand and react to our own sins, as well as the sins of others – especially as we walk under God’s “insurpassable love.”

Real Church: Family Matters

Continuing his series “Real Church,” Don McLaughlin reminds us that families are of great importance to God, and His “real church” is a family of believers who from God’s perspective both belong in the church and who become closer to God through it. Further, it is incumbent on the church family to work together to grow the Kingdom by showing love first and foremost in our lives. Learn more in “Real Church: Family Matters.”

Real Church: All Access

On what basis does a church accept and give access to others?  Must everyone believe and become “like me?”  Ministerial Intern Mitchell East answers these questions pointedly, based on the words of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians.  Learn what God’s Real Church must use as its criterion in all matters.

Real Church: Made for Real Relationships

Continuing the Real Church series based on teachings from the Ephesian letter, Don McLaughlin pointedly teaches that “real church” comes with both Jesus and all others He accepts.

Real Church: A Study of Imperfection

Adam Paa, Minister of Discipleship, continues the series “Real Church”, focusing on two basic tenets: real church is not perfect, making it a place for all; and secondly, real church members imitate God, especially when we realize our Maker’s constant love and presence.

This sermon will make you smile, laugh and feel a sense of awe as you see real examples of the love of God manifest through His followers.

Real Church: God’s Remarkable Intention

Minister Don McLaughlin continues his “Real Church” series with the assertion that God never imagined a world without His real church. Listen as Don delves into God’s eternal intention; the power behind real church; and the blessings that flow to those who become a part of it and belong within it.

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