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reSource: Living Our Lives for God’s Purposes

Closing the reSource sermon series, Minister Adam Paa draws listeners’ attention to God’s new instructions to the Levites regarding the location and care of the temple (I Chron. 23). The new duties upended generations of responsibilities. Adam discusses the Levites’ reaction to the changes and then updates the discussion to today’s church. He admonishes us to remember our gifts and resources from God and how we must change our own internal traditions to give our blessings back to God for His purposes.

reSource: Giving As We Have Been Given

In his sermon, Minister Don McLaughlin asks several questions, the answers to which may cause listeners to rethink the fundamental premise of their lives. Or the answers may illuminate how and why we use the blessings God has given us. And, ultimately, the answers to the questions may lead us to fully appreciate how love will open our eyes, our hands and our hearts to the needs of others. Listen and be amazed.

reSource: I am the Lord Your God

A familiar hymn reminds us that this world is not our home. Similarly, the riches of the earth are only for our use for they belong to our God. As stated by King David in I Chronicles, we are strangers and aliens who must remember our mission for God. Join minister Don McLaughlin as he walks listeners through Biblical passages that form the foundation of these beliefs: that our work and the abundance of our hands, hearts and lives must become a gift back to God through love and care for others. Also, the testimony of individuals who have successfully conquered addiction with help from North Atlanta’s ANCHOR ministry brings the lesson to life.

reSource: The Power of Connection

Minister Don McLaughlin states that we must understand that connecting to others is a fundamental and multidimensional tenet of Christianity. He notes that as the body of Christ, we are all members of one another, and Don provides specific examples of the power of connecting through giving, whether monetary or time or talent. This illuminating message will change your perspective on the importance of giving both for issues of the moment as well as for the future.

reSource: Moving Through Recovery

September is National Recovery Month, and minister Adam Paa, who leads ANCHOR, North Atlanta’s recovery ministry, presents an insightful message regarding how aspects of each Christian’s journey toward God can mimic some portions of the addict’s recovery process. Adam’s expertise provides unique perspectives on our relationship with God, who stands ready to forgive and love us in all circumstances.

reSource: Understanding Generosity

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, many have given aid and assistance to victims. Minister Don McLaughlin asks us to pause and become acquainted with King David’s praise and question to God found in I Chronicles 28-29 after both David and the Israelites donated generously from their personal wealth to rebuild the temple. Don asks us to contemplate several questions, such as: Am I a generous person?; Am I an example of generosity for others to emulate?; and Am I building a legacy for God or for myself/my name? The answers to these questions may surprise you and awaken a new appreciation of God’s grace.

Real Church: And Finally, Winning the War

The apostle Paul ends his letter to the Ephesians warning them about spiritual warfare and future struggles. Likewise, minister Don McLaughlin ends his “Real Church” series on the same topics delving deeply into questions, such as: What does “spiritual warfare” mean for 21st century Christian? Is it different from what the Ephesians experienced? And, is this a challenge only for individuals or is the “Real Church” affected?
Listen as Don answers these questions and reminds listeners of the strengths provided by God to His followers that will bolster them no matter the challenge.

Real Church: Growing Into His Image

Within the Ephesian letter the Apostle Paul pointedly addresses the issue of Christians being transformed into “the image of Christ.” What is this transformation and how do we know if it applies and happens to us today?

Minister Don McLaughlin discusses Paul’s teaching on this topic and the characteristics of both individuals and the church itself as the transformation occurs. At the core of the process, Don explains, Paul repeatedly points to the power of love – the tool to change our hearts, minds and interactions with the world.

Real Church: It’s All About People

Continuing the Real Church series, minister Adam Paa states that “church is people – not a place,” and he challenges believers to live in accordance with the gift of the Holy Spirit so that others are attracted to a way of life that is comprised of peace and hope. He bolsters his challenge by reviewing the ways the Apostle Paul took on the role of a “servant/slave” as he turned his life to God and sought to teach any and all of His eternal gift.

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