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Jesus Next Door: The Impact of Sight

How is your vision? Don McLaughlin’s sermon explores this question, but he doesn’t have the vision of your eyes in mind. So, is there another kind? Listen and learn from Paul’s message to the Ephesians: “Pray that the eyes of your heart will be enlightened.” Could better “heart vision” make us more easily recognized as Christians, especially in the many arenas in which we interact with others? Listen and learn the answers to all these questions. They could change your life.

Jesus Next Door: Drawing Closer

Do you desire to renew your faith and draw closer to God during the weeks leading to the Christmas celebration? If so, Don McLaughlin’s first sermon in the series “Jesus Next Door” provides sound footing to better understand the challenges and blessings of knowing Jesus better and learning to follow His example. As Don notes, at any moment we may be caught between belief or doubt, faith or fear, or love versus hate. Sound familiar? Don’t retreat. Make this a time to know Jesus better.

This is Us: Humbly Uniting

In the final sermon of his “This Is Us” series, Don McLaughlin focuses on sustaining unity – believer-to-believer, as well as among the broad spectrum of individuals within the church. Using New Testament teachings for background, Don’s lesson presents ways to grow unity with humbleness and kindness while achieving their inherent blessings.

Start 2018 with these perspectives as markers on your Christian walk. Doing so will significantly enhance your effectiveness in reflecting Christ to those around you.

This is Us: First We Stand, Then We Walk

God’s ability and willingness to restore our lives and life circumstances are often misunderstood. Join minister Don McLaughlin as he uses Biblical examples to draw a clear picture of God’s commitment to the restoration of all things and teaches us how we partner with God in the restoration process, even as we wait for His will to be done. As God works for our good, first we stand, then we walk to bring Him honor.

This is Us: Exploring Immersion

Beyond actual physical immersion in water, the concept of baptism also encompasses a permanent cleansing, a change in one’s life related to priorities and actions. Minister Don McLaughlin’s fascinating sermon delves deeply into the implications of a life “immersed” in Jesus, including inherent rights and responsibilities. Ultimately an important question is posed for listeners: Are we still immersed in Christ?

This Is Us: The Implications

This is Us: The Implications

Commitments imply great importance and meaning; they also have costs; and they have implications. This is especially true of any commitment to God. Join Minister Don McLaughlin as he presents an insightful sermon on the implications of the Great Commission and the responsibilities that were inherent and assumed by the first Christians because of their commitment. Also, meet Sasha Prokopchuk, a minister currently working in Ukraine, who speaks of real-time implications, opportunities and perils he and others are experiencing because of their and North Atlanta’s commitment to be part of this valiant mission effort.

This is Us: Guided by Faithful Promises

Promises play a crucial role in human interaction. However, throughout the Bible we find references to the promises of God. This statement begs the questions: Does God really make promises, and, if so, does He keep them?

Minister Don McLaughlin addresses these important and fundamental questions in this sermon. As you listen, you should fasten your spiritual seatbelt because the answers may redefine and reroute your discipleship path.

This is Us: The Wisdom of God

In the second sermon in his “This is Us” series, Minister Don McLaughlin poses the following questions: Can we believe Jesus’ words that all will work out even when things feel so wrong? Do we really believe God is working for our good when we can’t feel a shred of that sentiment?

Don looks back at Acts 1 and other passages to help us answer these questions and understand more about God’s plan for us and for His church – a plan rooted in His love and our faith – that the world might believe.

A sermon not to be missed.

This is Us: Expanding Circles

Have you ever given thought to the totality of people you call friends? Some are closer than others, so much so that it might be said that they are part of your “inner circle.”

In the first sermon in the series “This is Us,” Minister Don McLaughlin looks at the apostles of Jesus in the aftermath of His death. Don shows us that the selection of Mathias as the individual to replace Judas Iscariot meant that changes were coming to the “inner circle” of those who were closest to the Lord.

Similarly, Don challenges each member of God’s church to tend to their own ‘inner circle,” making sure that we continually focus our heart and efforts on whatever magnifies the love of God best to others.

reSource: Living Our Lives for God’s Purposes

Closing the reSource sermon series, Minister Adam Paa draws listeners’ attention to God’s new instructions to the Levites regarding the location and care of the temple (I Chron. 23). The new duties upended generations of responsibilities. Adam discusses the Levites’ reaction to the changes and then updates the discussion to today’s church. He admonishes us to remember our gifts and resources from God and how we must change our own internal traditions to give our blessings back to God for His purposes.

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